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2016 Team CAR's Pedaling For Cures
2016 Team CAR's Pedaling For Cures

CARs Pedaling for Cancer

Building on Penn's leadership in Translational Medicine and investigator initiated clinical trials established over the past two decades, the Center for Cellular Immunotherapies (CCI) is focused on the discovery and development of technologies for personalized cell and gene based therapies in cancer, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, and organ and bone marrow transplantation.  The CCI mission is to accelerate and synergize efforts that quickly transition fundamental immunobiology research into clinic trials.

Within a singular collaborative spirit, this team has brought to patients a number of first in human clinical trials. These include the first use of a lentiviral vector for gene delivery in humans, the first gene editing trial (zinc finger nucleases to create HIV-resistant T cells), and the first to use a lentiviral vector in cancer. With the explosion of new results in cancer immunotherapy and chimeric antigen receptor T cells, what was once thought quixotic, is now viewed with excitement and enthusiasm. There is now an FDA approved therapy for leukemia patients developed by CCI that would not have been possible without integrating efforts among researchers, clinicians, and translational scientists in the CCI and Abramson Cancer Center. Kymriah is the first FDA approved gene therapy, and it was developed and tested in clinical trials by CCI.

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