Breakthrough Bike Challenge 2018

Beam of Life

Penn Radiation Oncology is dedicated to serving both the local and global community through its mission of cutting edge and compassionate clinical care; pioneering scientific breakthroughs; and premier educational and training programs for oncology scholars of all disciplines and backgrounds. We are committed to delivering excellence in each of these areas, and believe that “Excellence is Standard.” - James Metz, MD

The Breakthrough Bike Challenge is a cycling journey through the Oley Valley's picturesque scenery in Berks County on September 16, 2018 to benefit the Penn-Medicine Abramson Cancer Center’s research programs to eradicate cancer. 

The results from the Abramson Cancer Center are unprecedented with FDA approval in June for their immunotherapy treatment of leukemia in children and adolescents.  That is truly a Breakthrough!

Learn About Immunotherapy at Penn-Medicine

Continued funding is needed to make breakthroughs on the other forms of cancer.  That is why the fundraising for the Breakthrough Bike Challenge is so important!

Penn-Medicine Radiation Oncology has organized a team to ride in the Breakthrough Bike Challenge.  Our team is named “Beam of Life” in keeping with our values and fundraising theme.

ALL are welcome to join our team and be part of our fundraising effort!  We are looking for new members!  We have a great mix of staff, patients, alumni, and their family members on our team.

Please use the Join Team button on this page to join our team as a rider, virtual rider, or as a volunteer.  If cannot ride, do fundraising as a virtual rider, or volunteer and you wish to help – please consider a donation to our team by using the Donate Now button on this page.   100% of you donation goes to cancer research at the Abramson Cancer Center.

From team co-captain Bill Barbour:

“To me the Breakthrough Bike Challenge is so much more than a bike ride to raise money.  I sincerely believe that it an opportunity for us to transform the world!  The Breakthrough Bike Challenge gives each of us a direct hand in changing the lives of countless people that we may never meet through the breakthrough outcomes developed at the Abramson Cancer Center that are made possible in part by this event." 

From team co-captain Dr. Steven Tuttle:

"In my 32 years I’ve witnessed a lot of changes, more buildings, more people, more traffic, yet there is still a commonality we all share the belief that we are making a difference in the lives of current and future cancer patients.  There is a difference this year I can also say I believe that more than ever; thanks to increased use of innovative treatment options such as proton and immunotherapy we are starting to turn the tide in the ongoing war on cancer."


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