Abigail T. Berman, MD. MSCE

Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

Research Focus: Novel Imaging in Lung Cancer




Luca Busino, PhD

Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology

Research Focus: Hematologic Malignancies (Blood Cancers)




Nadia Dahmane, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Research Focus: Neuro-Oncology




David Feldser, PhD

Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology

Research Focus: Prostate Cancer

Research Update:

Dr. Feldser used his Breakthrough Bike Challenge grant funds to offset some of the salary support for a postdoctotal fellow - Dr. Travid Yates.  Dr. Yate's work was critical to implement new techniques and model systems to establish prostate cancer work in Dr. Feldser's lab.  The data that Dr. Yates was able to generate on this project, due to the Breakthrough BIke Challenge funds, was used as a preliminary data in a successful fellowship application to the American Cancer Society.




Shivan Mehta, MD, MBA, MSHP

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Research Focus: Population-Based Colorectal Screening

Research Update:

The Breakthrough Bike Challenge grant funds allowed Dr. Mehta to hire a research coordinator to facilitate Dr. Mehta's research project.  The research coordinator was responsible for managing the project and she has built the foundation for future studies to increase colon cancer screening rates at Penn Medicine.  Dr. Mehta's team has started the research project, which includes colon cancer screening outreach to almost 200 patients who are not up to date.  From the pilot data generated from this study, Dr. Mehta is seeking additional funding from the National Cancer Institute. 




Dava Szalda, MD, MSHP

Instructor, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Research Focus: Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer

Research Update:

The Breakthrough Bike Challenge grant allowed Dr. Szalda to hire a part time research assistant to work on recruitment for her study concerning the utility of survivorship care plans for young adult survivors of childhood cancer.  From the pilot study, Dr. Szalda's team is able to effectively vet the online survivorship care plan generator with patients.  This care plan generator will now be used as one of the main interventions in a CDC - funded study on self-management in adolescent and young adult cancer survivors. 










The Breakthrough Bike Challenge Board of Directors presenting the proceeds from the 2015 bike ride